CBM1307 is essentially the binary – decimal digital watch with a calendar, it has the additional 56 bytes of the power self-sufficient static RAM and possesses the low power consumption. The addresses and data are applied consecutively via the two-wire bi-directional bus. The microcircuit is intended for count of the real time in hours, minutes and seconds, count of week days, date, month and year. The last day of the month is automatically adjusted for the months of less, than 31 days, including correction for the leap year. The watches function in the 24-hour format or in the 12-hour format with the AM / PM-indicator. CBM1307 has the built-in power supply control circuit, which determines the supply disruption and automatically switches over the device into the battery mode.


  • Count of seconds, minutes, hours, week days, date, months and years with consideration of the leap years (before 2100);

  • 56 bytes of the power self-sufficient RAM for the data storage;

  • Two-wire consecutive interface;

  • Programmable rectangular output signal;

  • Automatic determination of the supply voltage drop and the switching diagram;

  • Consumption of less than 500 nА in the back-up supply mode with the operating generator;

  • Temperature range of the industrial application: -40℃ – +85℃

  • Accuracy is better than ±1 minute per month


CBM1307AS8SOP-88-45℃ + 85℃Reel.3000RoHS在线申请


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