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Established in 2014, Corebai Microelectronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has strictly adhered to the concept of “Creating value for the customers is what we’re fighting for” and the business objective of “Seek Development, Provide Service and Make Innovations by virtue of Core Products”. Based on the development through many years, the company obtained the new high-tech enterprise certificate in 2016 and Zhongguancun New High-tech Enterprise Certificate in 2017, and then joined the semi-conductor association. At present, the company has applied for over 40 layout patents, and a rapid growth has been realized in the self-developed products to be launched on the market by virtue of its sufficient capital and powerful technical strength. Nowadays, more than 300 products that can be divided into eleven categories have conformed to EU RoHS standards and corresponding green and environmental-protection standards. Main products developed include amplifiers, interface circuits, power managers and ADC/DAC etc..

The company’s products are widely applied to various fields such as the hand-held mobile terminals, consumer electronics, personal computers and peripherals, network and telecommunications equipment, medical equipment, office equipment, automotive electronics and industrial control equipment etc..

As various products feature high reliability, low power consumption and adaptability to portable applications, the company has established the strategic partnership with many world-renowned wafer factories and packaging test factories to ensure the production capacity and the quality, and maximally maintain the customers’ interests. With advanced production lines and strong production capacity support from third parties, we pursue continuous improvement of technology and control of production costs.

Corebai Microelectronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd. consists of Design Team, Sales Team and Market Development Team,employing 40 team members.

Design Team: main members have accumulated 8-years experience in the design of analog circuit and digital circuit, and are very skillful in the advanced integrated circuit design, process, production, testing technology and quality management.

Sales Team: the sales director has accumulated more than 10-years experience in developing the chip sales channels, and has an outstanding insight into the market anticipation and changes. 

Besides, it has established the sales network in Beijing, the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and developed a good longterm cooperation relationship with various chip sales agents in different areas.

Corporate Mission

Create a smart society through scientific and technological innovation

Corporate Vision

To be a trustworthy and respected enterprise

Core Values

Value creation, create value for customers Integrity: honesty and trustworthiness, practice accumulation
Teamwork: Sharing and sharing, equal cooperation Excellent: Refuse to be mediocre and strive for excellence
Embrace change: meet change, be brave in innovation Dedication: professional perseverance, self-breakthrough


The new product, a high-speed analog converter, has been launched on the market.


Intensifying efforts in the research and development of new products.


Corebai Microelectronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. has been officially established.


The IC design and research team has once again expanded, and the company's headquarters has settled in the Beijing Integrated Circuit Design Industrial Park (IC-PARK).


The first batch of 10 IC sales agents has been signed, and comprehensive marketing efforts for the products are underway.


The IC research and development design department has been established in Tianjin, setting new directions for product research and development.


Sales performance has reached a historic high, and the products have gained recognition from a wide range of users.


The high-speed 14-bit DAC, operating at 2.5 GSPS, and the high-performance RF analog-to-digital converter IC have successfully gained recognition from a large number of customers and are widely utilized in various product application solutions.


The cumulative total of patent applications has exceeded 20, including 10 invention patents, 10 utility model invention patents, and 3 layout patents.


Corebai Microelectronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Established
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Focus on the challenges and pressures that customers are concerned about, provide competitive solutions, and continue to create maximum value for customers. We work with business partners around the world to move forward hand in hand.

In the development of Corebai, we keep up with the pace of our customers, continue to innovate, and invest, so as to provide customers with efficient and high-quality services. With high-quality products and sincere cooperation attitude, it has won the respect and support of many customers.


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