Frequently Asked Questions
What customers need, we think, brand first, goodwill is gold.
  • 1To provide customers with the best purchase suggestions and solutions at a more professional level.
  • 2Provide customers with the parameter performance data of the required products and comprehensive technical consultation.
  • 3Provide customers with a complete software and hardware test environment, development boards, and assist in completing tests.
  • 4Depending on the specific situation, the engineer will be assigned to assist the customer on site and solve the problem.
  • 5Provide a professional customer service team to troubleshoot follow-up problems and provide service to the end.
Here are the most popular FAQs to help you improve your skills and solve problems.
  • 这里给您显示最热门的常见问题,帮助您来提升产品使用技巧和解决遇到的问题
  • 如何追踪我的订单?
  • 我的订单什么时候送达?
  • 我该如何开始退货?
  • 我该如何申请发票?


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