Zero drift, single power supply, rail to rail input/output, dual channel operational amplifier
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This amplifier has ultra low offset, drift, and bias current. The CBM8628/CBM8629 are wide bandwidth auto-zero amplifiers featuring rail-to-rail input and output swing and low noise. Operation is fully specified from 2.7 V to 5 V single supply(±1.35 V to ±2.5 V dual supply).
The CBM8628,CBM8629,CBM8630 provide benefits previously found only in expensive auto-zeroing or chopper-stabilized amplifiers, these zero-drift amplifiers combine low cost with high accuracy and low noise. No external capacitor is required. In addition, the CBM8628,CBM8629,CBM8630 greatly reduce the digital switching noise found in most chopper-stabilized amplifiers. With an offset voltage of only 1 μV, drift of less than 0.005 μV/° C,and noise of only 0.5 μV p-p (0.1 Hz to 10 Hz), the CBM8628,CBM8629,CBM8630 are suited for applications where error sources cannot be tolerated. Position and pressure sensors,medical equipment, and strain gage amplifiers benefit greatly from nearly zero drift over their operating temperature range.Many systems can take advantage of the rail-to-rail input and output swings provided by the CBM8628,CBM8629,CBM8630 to reduce input biasing complexity and maximize SNR. The CBM8628,CBM8629,CBM8630 are specified for the extended industrial temperature range(− 40°C to +125°C). The CBM8628 is available in 5-lead SOT-23.The CBM8629 is available in the standard 8-lead narrow SOP and MSOP plastic packages. CBM8630 quad amplifier is available in 14-lead narrow SOP and 14-lead TSSOP plastic packages.
  • Parameters
  • Features
  • Applications
  • Channel: 2
  • Input offset Voltage(Max@25℃)(μV):5
  • Input offset drift(μV/℃):0.002
  • Input bias curren(pA):1
  • Voltage Noise(μVpp):0.5
  • Rail-to-rail input and output swing:In,Out
  • Supply(Min)(V):2.7
  • Supply(Max)(V):5.5
  • Gain-Bandwidth Product(Typ)(MHz):3.7
  • Slew Rate(V/μs):1(typ)
  • Supply Current/Amplifier(Typ)(μA):800
  • Voltage Noise Density(@1kHz)(nV/√Hz):22
  • Open-Loop Voltage Gain(Typ)(dB):130
  • Common-Mode Rejection Ratio(Typ)(dB):130
  • Low Offset Voltage: 1uV
  • Lowest auto-zero amplifier noise

  • Input offset drift: 0.002 μV/°C

  • 5 V single-supply operation

  • High gain, CMRR, and PSRR: 130 dB

  • low input bias current: 100 pA maximum

  • Low supply current: 1.0 mA

  • Overload recovery time: 50 μs

  • Rail-to-rail input and output swing

  • Automotive sensors
  • Pressure and position sensors

  • Medical instrumentation

  • Photodiode amplifiers

  • Thermocouple amplifiers

  • Precision current sensing

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Selection Guide Corebai Selection Guide Rev.En2023.pdf 7.73M 2024-01-24 Download
  • 计算工具


    模拟工程师计算器旨在加快模拟电路设计工程师经常使用的许多重复性计算。该基于 PC 的工具提供图形界面,其中显示各种常见计算的列表(从使用反馈电阻器设置运算放大器增益 到为稳定模数转换器 (ADC) 驱动器缓冲器电路选择合适的电路设计元件)。除了可用作单独的工具之外,该计算器还能够很好地与模拟工程师口袋参考书中所述的概念配合使用。

  • 计算工具


    模拟工程师计算器旨在加快模拟电路设计工程师经常使用的许多重复性计算。该基于 PC 的工具提供图形界面,其中显示各种常见计算的列表(从使用反馈电阻器设置运算放大器增益 到为稳定模数转换器 (ADC) 驱动器缓冲器电路选择合适的电路设计元件)。除了可用作单独的工具之外,该计算器还能够很好地与模拟工程师口袋参考书中所述的概念配合使用。

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CBM8629AS8 Industrial grade 89000
SOP-8 MSL 3 RoHS Tape and Reel, 2500 -40 to 125

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CBM8629AMS8 Industrial grade 58000
MSOP-8 MSL 3 RoHS Tape and Reel, 3000 -40 to 125

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