USB 1.1 controller
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The CBM9001A is an Embedded USB Host/Slave Controller capable of communicating in either full speed or low speed. The CBM9001A interfaces to devices such as microprocessors, micro- controllers, DSPs, or directly to a variety of buses such as ISA, PCMCIA, and others. The CBM9001A USB Host Controller conforms to USB Specification 1.1.
The CBM9001A incorporates USB Serial Interface functionality along with internal full or low speed transceivers. The CBM9001A supports and operates in USB full speed mode at 12 Mbps, or in low-speed mode at 1.5 Mbps. When in host mode, the CBM9001A is the master and controls the USB bus and the devices that are connected to it. In peripheral mode, otherwise known as a slave device, the CBM9001A operates as a variety of full- or low-speed devices.
The CBM9001A data port and microprocessor interface provide an 8-bit data path I/O or DMA bidirectional, with interrupt support to allow easy interface to standard microprocessors or microcontrollers such as Motorola or Intel CPUs and many others. The CBM9001A has 256 bytes of internal RAM, which is used for control registers and data buffers.
The available Pb-free package is a 48-pin (CBM9001A) package. All packages operate at 3.3 VDC. The I/O interface logic is 5 V-tolerant.
  • Parameters
  • Features
  • Applications
  • Supply(V):3
  • Supply(V):3.6
  • Memory Size:256 x 8
  • Interface:USB
  • Input/output quantity:8
  • First USB Host/Slave controller for embedded systems in the market with a standard microprocessor bus interface

  • Supports both full speed (12 Mbps) and low speed (1.5 Mbps) USB transfer in both master and slave modes

  • Conforms to USB Specification 1.1 for full- and lowspeed

  • Operates as a single USB host or slave under software control

  • Automatic detection of either low- or full-speed devices

  • 8-bit bidirectional data, port I/O(DMAsupportedinslavemode)

  • On-chip SIE and USB transceivers

  • On-chip single root HUB support

  • 256-byte internal SRAM buffer

  • Ping-pong buffers for improved performance

  • Operates from 12 or 48 MHz crystal or oscillator (built-in DPLL)

  • 5 V-tolerant interface

  • Suspend/resume, wake up, and low-power modesare supported

  • Auto-generation of SOF and CRC5/16

  • Auto-address increment mode, saves memory READ/WRITE cycles

  • Development kit including source code drivers is available

  • 3.3-V power source, 0.35 micron CMOS technology

  • Available in 48-pin TQFP package

  • Portable video devices
  • Data acquisition system

  • Memory, card reader

  • Laser engraving equipment

  • VGA video capture and transmission equipment, etc

  • Industrial cameras or video surveillance equipment

  • ATA interface, such as IDE hard drive

  • Scanner

  • Portable sound card or MP3 playback device

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  • 计算工具


    模拟工程师计算器旨在加快模拟电路设计工程师经常使用的许多重复性计算。该基于 PC 的工具提供图形界面,其中显示各种常见计算的列表(从使用反馈电阻器设置运算放大器增益 到为稳定模数转换器 (ADC) 驱动器缓冲器电路选择合适的电路设计元件)。除了可用作单独的工具之外,该计算器还能够很好地与模拟工程师口袋参考书中所述的概念配合使用。

  • 计算工具


    模拟工程师计算器旨在加快模拟电路设计工程师经常使用的许多重复性计算。该基于 PC 的工具提供图形界面,其中显示各种常见计算的列表(从使用反馈电阻器设置运算放大器增益 到为稳定模数转换器 (ADC) 驱动器缓冲器电路选择合适的电路设计元件)。除了可用作单独的工具之外,该计算器还能够很好地与模拟工程师口袋参考书中所述的概念配合使用。

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CBM9001A-48AG Industrial grade 68000
TQFP-48 MSL 3 RoHS Tray, 1000 -40 to 85

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