Corebai has launched a quad differential comparator, the CBM2901, specifically designed for single-supply operation over a wide voltage range to meet such demanding requirements.
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High Voltage, General Purpose, Quad Channel Comparator: The CBM2901 is a four-channel comparator introduced by Corebai, featuring outputs that can be interconnected with other open-collector outputs to form a "wired-AND" logic relationship. Operating within a voltage range of 2V to 30V, each channel typically consumes 0.8mA of power. The CBM2901 integrates four independent voltage comparators, all powered by a common single supply capable of accommodating a wide voltage span. For portable consumer product circuit designs where low offset voltage, high supply voltage, low supply current, and space-saving are paramount technical specifications, this device presents the most cost-effective solution.

Key words:High Voltage, General Purpose, Quad Channel Comparator

Corebai has launched a quad differential comparator, the CBM2901, specifically designed for single-supply operation over a wide voltage range to meet such demanding requirements.The CBM2901 is housed in a Green SOIC-14 package, with an operating ambient temperature range of -40°C to +125°C.

 CBM2901 application


The CBM2901 is typically used for comparing a single signal against a reference signal or for intercomparison between two signals. Many users take advantage of the open-drain output to drive the comparison logic output to a logical voltage level, thereby feeding it into an MCU or logic device. The wide power supply range and high voltage capability make this chip suitable for shifting levels to higher or lower voltages, thus achieving level translation. Figure 1 depicts a typical application circuit of the CBM2901 comparator.

The application of CBM2901 in sound-activated lamps:
A sound-activated lamp autonomously monitors ambient sound without requiring direct manual control or operation. Sound pickup is realized through the use of an electret microphone for signal acquisition. The audio wave signal is then amplified by a transistor and output as an analog voltage signal to the voltage comparator section. Following comparison at the voltage comparator, a level signal is derived to the MOSFET serving as the switching signal; see Figure 2. To enhance the strength of the output signal, a low-power, low-bias current voltage comparator
is needed, with Corebai's newly launched product CBM2901 being recommended for this purpose.


CBM2901 Typical Features

● Wide Supply Voltage Range: +2V to +30V

      ● Maximum Input Offset Voltage: 2mV

      ● Common-Mode Input Voltage Range Includes GND

      ● Low Output Saturation Voltage

      ● Open-Drain Output for Maximum Flexibility

      ● Operating Temperature up to +125℃

      ● Low Power Supply Current: Typical 0.8mA per Channel @ VS = 5V

      ● Output Compatible with TTL, MOS, and CMOS

      ● Package Type: SOIC-14 (SOP-14)



 CBM2901 Product Highlights


● Wide Power Supply Voltage Range: Suitable for the vast majority of high-voltage product applications without requiring modifications to peripheral power supply.

     ● Low Quiescent Current: Significantly reduces static power consumption of the product, contributing to energy efficiency.

     ● Low Input Offset Voltage: Maintained within 2mV, ensuring better stability and precision of the product.



 CBM2901 Product Applications


● Test and Measurement

      ● Hysteresis Comparator

      ● Wireless Infrastructure

      ● Factory Automation & Control

      ● Industrial Equipment

      ● Cordless Power Tools

      ● Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

CBM2901 Typical Electrical Characteristics Diagram

CBM2901 Graphs of Several Key Parameter Characteristics as follows:

(VCC = 1.5V, TA = +25°C, (per comparator))





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