To combat the epidemic, Corebai Microelectronics has released multiple products to support medical customers.
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Preface: During the Spring Festival of 2020, the epidemic in Wuhan touched the hearts of people across the country. Compared to previous years, this year's Spring Festival felt particularly desolate. Behind the continuously erupting outbreaks nationwide and the ever-changing numbers each day are individual vibrant lives. COVID-19 is a respiratory infection disease. Without specific drug intervention, what doctors can do is reduce infections, enhance individuals' immunity, and utilize various medical instruments in medical care, such as ventilators, oxygen concentrators, air disinfection machines, pulse oximeters, and CT scanners.


During the Chinese New Year of 2020, the epidemic in Wuhan stirred the concern of people nationwide. Compared to previous years' celebrations, this year's Spring Festival felt unusually subdued. Behind the continuously erupting outbreaks across the country and the ever-changing numbers each day are individual vibrant lives.

COVID-19 is a respiratory infection disease. Without specific drug intervention, what doctors can do is reduce infections, enhance individuals' immunity. Also, various medical instruments are essential in medical care such as ventilators, oxygen concentrators, air disinfection machines, pulse oximeters, and CT scanners.



   When it comes to the most common infrared thermometer products for ordinary people, during severe economic times like the epidemic, there is a significant demand for infrared thermometers. In every community, on every street, at every road intersection, various types of infrared thermometers are deployed for non-contact detection of human body temperature, facilitating real-time screening of suspected cases and fever patients, and more accurate identification of mildly infected individuals. For individuals, besides self-checking for contact history, the most useful tool is monitoring body temperature.



About Corebai Microelectronics:

Corebai Microelectronics was founded in 2008, initially serving the national defense technology sector and research institute clients. In 2014, Corebai Microelectronics Beijing was officially established. Their product range includes USB components, ADC/DAC, general-purpose operational amplifiers, high-voltage operational amplifiers, instrumentation amplifiers, interface circuits, and more. With over a decade of technical accumulation by hundreds of engineers, the company has collaborated with numerous domestic enterprises. Focusing on high-speed and high-precision products, they have introduced a full range of ADCs covering SAR, Pipeline, and Sigma-Delta architectures from 8-bit to 18-bit resolutions and sampling rates ranging from 40 MSps to 1.5 GSps. They are also making continuous efforts in the high-voltage operational amplifier and instrumentation amplifier markets to build a brand for mid-to-high-end analog devices.

During the epidemic, Corebai Microelectronics assisted several customers in achieving localization as an alternative to imported products. They maintained stable supply even during periods of foreign brand shortages and price increases while committing not to raise prices.

Handheld Infrared Thermometer:

A handheld infrared thermometer is a non-imaging device that can only monitor the average temperature within a measured point or a small field of view. Its basic components include an infrared detector, optical system, amplifier, microcontroller, power supply, display, and other main functional parts. The working diagram is as follows: [Diagram may be included]


This is a typical handheld infrared thermometer. The working process involves the optical system collecting the target's infrared radiation energy, converging through a lens, filtered by a filter, and then received by the infrared detector. The detector converts the received energy into an electrical signal, which is then amplified and processed by an amplifier before being displayed by the display system.

When using an infrared thermometer for temperature measurement, external factors can affect the measurement accuracy, such as the distance between the target object and the thermometer, emissivity, external environmental factors like ambient temperature, humidity, wind speed, etc., hence the need for environmental compensation circuits.

Corebai Microelectronics can provide high-precision self-stabilizing zero amplifiers CBM855X and CBM856X for infrared thermometers.

The CBM8551/2/4 are single-channel, dual-channel, and quad-channel amplifiers with rail-to-rail input and output capabilities. All devices can operate on a single power supply from 1.8V to 5.5V. The offset voltage of CBM855x is only 1 uV (typical), with a drift of 0.03 uV/°C, making it suitable for applications that do not tolerate any error sources. These devices exhibit near-zero drift within their operating temperature range, making them highly beneficial for temperature, position and pressure sensors, medical equipment, and strain gauge amplifier applications. Their rail-to-rail input and output capabilities enable easy implementation in both high-end and low-end detection scenarios.

  • Wide operating voltage range: 1.8V-5.5V

  • Ultra-low offset voltage: 1uV (typical)

  • Ultra-low voltage drift: 0.03uV/℃

  • Input bias current: 20pA (typical)

  • Gain bandwidth product: 1.8MHz

  • Static current: 180uA per channel

  • Low noise: 0.3uVpp (0.01-10Hz)

  • Built-in RF anti-EMI filter

The CBM8561/2/4 are single-channel, dual-channel, and quad-channel CMOS amplifiers with rail-to-rail input and output capabilities and a gain bandwidth product of up to 11MHz. These products utilize self-stabilizing zero technology, offering low offset voltage of 20uV max and 0.1uV/℃.

  • Operating voltage range: +2.9V (±1.45V) ~ +5.5V (±2.75V)

  • Ultra-low offset voltage: 3uV (typical), 20uV (maximum)

  • Ultra-low temperature drift: 0.1uV/℃

  • Ultra-low noise: 0.48uVpp (0.01-10Hz)

  • Common-mode rejection ratio: 120dB

  • Gain bandwidth product: 11MHz

  • Shutdown function included

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter


Blood oxygen level reduction is an important indicator of COVID-19. Many consumers purchase fingertip pulse oximeters to test their own blood oxygen levels and heart rates at home. This type of instrument is simple to use, requiring just a light clip for easy testing. Meanwhile, professional medical institutions use medically certified equipment to measure patients' blood oxygen levels, equipped with alarm functions.

Fingernail oximeters can provide the CBM8632 amplifier product. The diagram is as follows: [Diagram may be included]


Corebai Micro's CBM863X series products are designed for low-voltage, low-noise systems with a gain bandwidth product of 6MHz and an ultra-low bias current of 1pA, making them ideal for applications involving photodiodes. Specific parameters are as follows:

  • Power supply voltage range: +2.1V to +5.5V

  • Rail-to-rail input/output

  • Gain bandwidth product: 6MHz (Typ.)

  • Ultra-low input bias current: 1pA (Typ.)

  • Ultra-low noise: 9.5nV/√Hz (@10kHz)

  • Low offset voltage: 3.5mV (Max.)

  • Static current: 470μA per channel (Typ.)

  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +125°C

Infrared Body Temperature Early Warning System




In addition to the daily use of infrared thermometers, large-scale infrared body temperature early warning products are widely used in places with high human traffic such as airports and high-speed railway stations. Infrared body temperature early warning products assist in screening passenger temperatures at transportation hubs, improving efficiency in passenger flow while significantly reducing the risk of cross-infection caused by manual temperature measurements. With the return of enterprises to work and an increasing number of passengers returning after the Spring Festival, these types of infrared temperature measurement systems not only ensure the safety of staff but also allow the saved manpower to be directed to more needed positions.

The diagram of the Infrared Body Temperature Early Warning System is as follows: [Diagram may be included]


Corebai Micro has introduced an overall solution based on market demand and product structure.

Analog bias voltage is generated through the DAC CBM53D24 to produce an analog signal, which is then fed through AMP CBM882X to output a clean analog bias voltage signal. The video signal, amplified by video amplifier CBM805X, is then sent to the high-speed ADC CBM92AD68 for processing by the processor. In terms of power supply, the ultra-low noise LDO CBM1764 has been introduced to provide ultra-low noise power to the analog circuit, reducing the impact of noise on the analog signal. Additionally, High-speed USB2.0 product CBM9002A and Gigabit Ethernet controller CBM1001 are provided.

CBM92AD68 is a dual-channel, 16-bit, 125 MSPS Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) that integrates a reference voltage source internally for simplified external design. The ADC output data can be directly routed to two external 16-bit output ports, supporting both 1.8V CMOS and LVDS modes.

CBM9002A is a USB microcontroller based on an enhanced 8051 core compliant with industrial standards. It supports both high-speed 480Mbps and full-speed 12Mbps modes under the USB2.0 protocol.

CBM1001 is a cost-effective fast Ethernet controller chip integrating a 10/100M PHY and MAC layer, offering a universal processor access interface externally, fully compliant with IEEE 802.3u specifications.

CBM53D24 is a four-channel 12-bit voltage output DAC with SPI interface, operable at a working clock speed of up to 30MHz.

CBM1764 is a low-dropout regulator optimized for achieving fast transient response, providing 3A output current and a low dropout voltage of 340mV.

  • Output Current: 3A

  • Dropout Voltage: 340mV at 3A

  • Low Noise: 40μVRMS (10Hz to 100kHz)

  • Wide Input Voltage Range: 2.7V to 20V

  • Adjustable Output Range: 1.21V to 20V

CBM882X series is a rail-to-rail amplifier designed for low-voltage, low-noise, and low-bias current applications. Specific parameters include:

  • Power Supply Voltage Range: 2.5V to 5.5V

  • Offset Voltage: 0.6mV (Typical), 2.5mV (Maximum)

  • Gain Bandwidth Product: 14MHz

  • Ultra-Low Voltage Noise: 5.5nV/√Hz

  • Ultra-Low Bias Current: 1pA (Typical)

  • Output Current: 110mA

CBM805X series is a high-speed rail-to-rail voltage-output amplifier with a gain bandwidth product of up to 250MHz. This product is ideal for video signal processing and driving high-speed ADCs. Specific parameters include:

  • Power Supply Voltage Range: 2.5V to 5.5V

  • -3dB Bandwidth (G=1): 250MHz

  • Ultra-Low Voltage Noise: 4.9nV/√Hz (Typical)

  • Ultra-Low Bias Current: 1pA (Typical)

For more information and distributors:

Founded in 2008, Corebai Micro officially established Corebai Microelectronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd. in 2014, and formally launched the Corebai Micro brand to the market in 2019, offering over 300 models in 6 major product categories such as ADC/DAC, USB, interface circuits, general-purpose op-amps, high-voltage op-amps, and instrumentation amplifiers. Current distributors include Weiken International, Xinye, Airui Electronics, LCSC, Shenzhen E-Control, Jia De Intelligent, among others. More distributor information and device details can be accessed on or by consulting our authorized distributors.



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