Breaking through multiple barriers and restrictions, Corebai Microelectronics has launched the high-speed ADC conversion chip CBM96AD56, filling a domestic gap in this technology sector.
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It is well known that in recent years, the demand for ADC/DAC chips in China's specialized industries has been growing exponentially. The intensifying Sino-US trade frictions have left many enterprises and applications unable to access support from high-end ADC/DAC chips, with high-speed/high-precision products particularly subject to control and constraints imposed by foreign semiconductor manufacturers. The time and duration required to apply for licenses have also variably impacted the production and manufacturing processes of these enterprises. Corebai Microelectronics, with roots dating back to its establishment in 2008 serving defense technology departments and research institute clients, officially formed Corebai Microelectronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd. in 2014. In 2017, the company publicly released its ADC/DAC product line. Following a decade of technological accumulation by its team of over a hundred engineers, the company has now entered the stage of mass production and is providing these products to its clientele.

It is widely acknowledged that in recent years, the demand for ADC/DAC chips within China's specialized industries has been escalating rapidly. Simultaneously, heightened Sino-American trade tensions have rendered many enterprises and applications unable to secure access to high-end ADC/DAC chip support, with high-speed/high-precision products being particularly susceptible to the control and restrictions imposed by overseas semiconductor manufacturers. The time and duration involved in applying for licenses have further resulted in varying degrees of impact on the production and manufacturing processes of these businesses.

Sinbawe Electronics was initially established in 2008, having previously served defense technology departments and research institute clients. In 2014, Corebai Microelectronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was formally founded, and in 2017, the company officially launched its ADC/DAC product line. Following a decade of technological accumulation by a team of over a hundred engineers, Sinbawe now offers ADC products that are not only in mass production but also already in use by customers.

Corebai's SAR ADC Product Roadmap

Corebai's highspeed FLASH PIPELINE ADC Product Roadmap

Throughout 2020, Sinbawe has ceaselessly introduced new products while diligently honing its internal capabilities. Breaking through the formidable barriers imposed by foreign semiconductor manufacturers, the company has not only innovated in high-voltage amplifiers, high-speed ADCs with USB interfaces, and instrumentation amplifiers, but has also recently launched the CBM96AD56, a high-speed ADC conversion chip equipped with a JESD204B interface. This groundbreaking release fills the domestic void in 16-bit, 4-channel, 125 MSPS offerings, providing industry users with an expanded array of choices that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those from leading international manufacturers. Presently, sample testing is available, with mass production supply already underway.

About CBM96AD56

In pursuit of higher data rates, high-speed data converters have transitioned from traditional single-ended CMOS interfaces to employing differential LVDS interfaces. The LVDS interface also improves noise coupling between signal lines and power supplies. A drawback of this interface is its higher power consumption at lower sampling speeds.

However, with the development of analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), which demand ever faster sampling rates and higher channel densities, there is an industry requirement for digital interfaces that are even faster and more power-efficient than parallel LVDS.

The JESD204B interface standard supports data rates up to 12.5 Gbps and significantly simplifies multi-channel synchronization by introducing deterministic latency features, attributes that are crucial in overcoming system size and cost constraints faced by many high-speed ADC applications.

CBM96AD56, released by Corebai Microelectronics, is a four-channel, 16-bit, 125 MSPS high-speed analog-to-digital converter (ADC) featuring a 1.8V JESD204B interface, incorporating an on-chip sample-and-hold circuitry. It is purposefully designed with a focus on low cost, low power consumption, compact form factor, and ease of use. The product finds widespread application in wireless infrastructure, radio transceiver architectures, portable test instrumentation, medical imaging equipment, radar, and secure communication systems for military/aerospace applications.

The product boasts a maximum conversion rate of 125 MSPS, combining outstanding dynamic performance with low power consumption, making it well-suited for applications where small package size is highly valued. It offers a dynamic range as high as 91 dB and a low-frequency signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of up to 77 dBFS, along with a full-power bandwidth of 650 MHz.

The JESD204B interface effectively reduces the number of data input/output connections between high-speed data converters and other devices such as FPGAs. This reduction in interconnections simplifies printed circuit board routing, catering to the demand for system miniaturization. The configurable JESD204B output module supports sampling rates up to 6.4 Gbps per channel.

The device operates using a single 1.8 V supply and is compatible with LVPECL/CMOS/LVDS-type sampling rate clock signals, allowing it to fully leverage its performance capabilities. It meets the requirements of many applications without the need for external reference voltage sources or driver devices.

Four ADCs are integrated within a compact 8 mm x 8 mm package. Low power consumption: less than 200 mW per channel at 125 MSPS with two channels active. An SPI interface offers a rich set of versatile features to cater to diverse specific system requirements.


  • Medical Imaging
  • High-speed imaging

  • Radio receiver

  • Portable measuring device

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Corebai Microelectronics was established in 2008 and officially formed Corebai Microelectronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd. in 2014. In 2019, the company introduced its Corebai brand to the market, offering an extensive product portfolio encompassing six major categories and over 300 distinct models. Key products include ADC/DACs, USB interfaces, interface circuits, standard operational amplifiers, high-voltage op-amps, and instrumentation amplifiers, among others.

Presently, the company's authorized distributors include Wai Kin International, New Era Electronics, Arrow Electronics, LCSC Mall, Shenzhen Yikong, and Jiade Intelligent, among others. For a comprehensive list of dealers and detailed device specifications, please visit or consult our authorized distributors directly.



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